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AFA History

The Alaska Forest Association (AFA) began on Friday, March 6, 1956, when a group of loggers met in Ketchikan to establish an association for Alaska loggers.  At the conclusion of the meeting, they voted to affiliate with the Timber Operators Association and selected the name S.E. Division of Timber Operators Association.  During the first year of operation, the group developed a worker's compensation program and hired a safety engineer.

In 1957, the group withdrew from the Timber Operators Association and formed its own association, the Alaska Loggers Association.  In 1960, the organization voted to admit as Regular Members, sawmills and pulp mills that had logging operations.  Also at this time, the Associate Member category was created.

The Association is one of the oldest in the State of Alaska and provides members the opportunity to participate in programs such as Tongass Timber Trust (group health), Alaska Loggers Retirement (pension plan) and a public information program which promotes the facts concerning the forest products industry.

In the past decade, many changes have taken place in the industry resulting in the need to broaden our image and scope.  AFA no longer services only "loggers" but all facets of the industry.  The Board of Directors has been enlarged to 24 directors and the organization renamed the "Alaska Forest Association" effective January 1, 1991.

Associate Members History

Not long following the start of the Alaska Loggers Association in 1957, the founders realized that suppliers of equipment, goods and services to logging operations were interested in participating in the Association's development. In May, 1960, a motion to create the membership category of "Associate Members" was approved and suppliers officially became dues paying members.

After several years of hosting a "beer bust" at the annual meeting, in 1976 the event was given the title of "Red Suspenders" party. The event, marked by the emphasis on wearing of red suspenders, hickory shirts, high cut pants, and Alaska slippers, was a gathering of friends not seen since the last winter.

Throughout the years following, and growing to a membership of over 120, the Associate Members have been active in helping to promote and defend the industry in its trials and challenges. With letter writing, contacting legislative delegations, and lobbying trips to Washington, D.C., the Associate Members continue to be an important part of the Association.

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