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Alaska Forest Association

The Alaska Forest Association can be characterized as a high profile industry trade association. Its members hold in common general business interests in the timber industry of Alaska. AFA's activities are directly related to the viability of the forest products industry in Alaska.

The AFA Mission Statement commits the resources of the Association to advancing the restoration, promotion and maintenance of a healthy, viable forest products industry, contributing to economic and ecological health in Alaska's forests and communities. This commitment includes the following elements:

  • AFA will provide secure, reliable, cost effective group health insurance, pension benefits and other services of value to its members.
  • AFA management will strive to satisfy all legitimate member and constituent needs.
  • AFA will be a productive and positive place of employment.
  • AFA will strive to maintain an authoritative and professional public image.
  • AFA will strive to provide accurate information and education concerning forest uses and forestry issues to AFA members, the public and the media.
  • AFA will work to maximize public and private timber supply throughout the state and enhance private property rights.

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